Shame on me.

I said I would take a week off for learning html.

It turns out that the internship searching has outbeaten me and I learnt no single trick for optimize my blog.

My daily routine is rushing to throw all darts to find out the one that sticks, and suffering from ”no news is bad news”.

Worst of all, I left my blog unattended for two-week time. What a sin, shame on me.

Translation, looking for internship, preparing for interview,

waiting for good news, rest in unrest, grudging….

I did not even talk to anyone for almost whole two weeks.

What’s haunting me is that as a guy who always plans,

I can’t help imagining the life I will have once upon I am offered a certain internship while I was trying to sleep. Yes, Insomnia attacks.

Like I will have a wonderful life with the new team at work, hangout with my friends, find my love and start my own project.

It’s too good too smooth to be true, and I want it happen.

But the more I assume, the least it will come true hmmmmm….. assumption is the mother of failure, where did I hear of it?

And then the next day I check email……. no news, no phone call,


I have never thought that void and expectation can be so heavy and tiring.

Maybe I should expect less for finding an internship in France and start to face reality (work in my home country, but having overseas experience for piling up my edge is what I come for….)

One month left for France internship hunting… I don’t think it is a good idea to force myself to stay longer.

Maybe I should start to manage my life first, so no matter what, this blog won’t be abandoned for more than one week.





First time French-Chinese Legal Translation (3)

For first visitors who accidentally WADE into this blog, no panic, please be patient to read

First time French-Chinese Legal Translation (1)

First time French-Chinese Legal Translation (2)

Why did I panic?

Simple, I promised my contact to return a piece of French-Chinese translation at 21:30 and at the moment I started to panic it was 20:00.

I know that Google Translate won’t bring me close to prêt-à-lire translation, but under the legal context, Com’on, I thought this machine could do at least 40% of my job for French – Chinese translation, even though it surprised me not.

70% of the text to be dealt with vs 1 hour and a half the time bomb tickled.

I surrendered and confessed to my contact that I could not make it. Luckily, he is a cool guy and he knew that I am new to this (I wanna say I was, but I am still new to this). If he didn’t bother to push me or yell at me for anything.

Okay, back to translation, there were many aspects that this text tickled me a lot, and I will drop some Chinese expressions for example:

  1. French is too different from English:
    • Ordonnance de non-lieu (Literally: Order / Prescription of non-place)= Revocation Order or abrogation of judgement something like that (撤銷令)
    • des chefs de  = principally related to / about
    • ordonnance de soit-communiqué (order of be talking) = something like summon notice / letter (傳召書) [make little sense]
  2.  Several French expressions to talk about one or similar shit, but not using compound of lexis:
    • Prosecutor = procureur (if I have never learnt any French, I thought it had been procurer or buyer or something) / ministère public (com’on, public minister? Seriously?)  / parquet (=public prosecutor’s department, sweet Jesus!)
  3.  Limited Aid for French-Chinese LEGAL Translation
    • I admit, it was my problem. I only got one night and did not have enough time to dig out better French-Chinese Dictionary.

I have a lot to grunge like why French using many lexis to say one thing and describe one thing with many different lexis and blah blah blah. But the listed 3 problems had already tripped me for more than 3 hours.

Anyway, the client needed it by 3 am French time and I can merely send it to my contact at 2 something de la mañana. He was so nice to tell me to get some rest after I was not even so sure about what I had sent to him.

I couldn’t sleep after this job as I was traumatized by the bigger area that I have to explore for my French. It was one hell of the blow to me and I wonder how much more time I need for mastering this language. That’s how I started writing this blog.

P.S. to fix the problem of cultural gap between mine and French culture, I started reciting French poems, like Jean de la Fontaine’s La fortune et le jeune enfant and Alfred de musset’s La tristesse. Well, I should hold a session to explain why reciting poem sounds important to me.

I should take a week’s break from now on to learn some html or css stuff. I feel like this week would be good for learning new stuff.

After that, this site should go public on facebook.


Summary of French-Chinese Legal Translation:

Ordannance de non-lieu > Revocation Order

Des chefs de >Mainly about

Ordonnance de soit-communiqué > Summon Letter

Parquet / Procureur / Ministère Public > All about Prosecutor

First time French-Chinese Legal Translation (2)


For those who visit here the first time, you can refer to my previous post.

I am green here, so the layout and system may be a bit suck, but I will spend one of every 4 weeks to make it as pro as Apple website and as entertaining as possible.

Let’s get back to the French translation:

Other than French readers, do you know what “Ordonnance de non-lieu” means?

I started. As usual, like how I worked on English-Chinese, I scanned once, and I could make sense to 50% of it at my level (I got DELF B2, equivalent to Baccaleuréat) and the paragraphs were cramped into horseshit.

As usual, I processed it on Google Translation before I made sense of the output and as usual, it sucks.

I set Google Chrome with tabs of dictionary / translation tools. Unfortunately, there were not as many options for French-Chinese Dictionary as English-Chinese. It might be necessary to translate from French-English to English-Chinese.

The job started at 15:30 and I shifted my attention from translation to job-hunting for 1 hr between 18:00 and 19:00 (not to mention cooking + meal for 45 mins) . I thought that it might help to organize my thought a lil bit and come back for a more efficient translation. No, it’s not.

Even with translation kit it did not help better. After it has been turned into Chinese, the 50% remained mystery. I regretted taking this job and giving myself a bit diversion from this task.

The story is basically about someone accusing the defendant twice at different points of time of committing fraud to the French government. The complaint was duplicated while the earlier case remains open. So…. may be you start to make sense what ”Ordonnancne de non-lieu” means…. ?

The scam / fraud story was just fine. The most ”cassé-les-couilles” was the legal procedure that confused me.

At 20:00, I started to panic. Why?  Let’s wrap it up in First time French-Chinese Legal Translation (3).

First time French-Chinese Legal Translation (1)

I should have said something about the set up for this blog and my motivation.

Yet, as a job cut in a day before, and it’s a brand new genre for me, I want to say something about it for a lil’ distraction.

I am splitting this experience into 2 – 3 parts, and I have never told a story that long.

“Ça me casse les couilles!” (Pain in my ass, which is not correct, because couilles doesn’t mean ass but somethingSSS lower than it) It is much nicer a title than what I have put, and it is what I have been yelling during the translation.

To begin with, my french translation experience = 0, of course it really is ”cassé les couilles”.

My contact (who gave me this job, even though it’s him who pays me) didn’t explain me anything except ”Do you have time to work on a French to Chinese Translation, 1900 words? The clients needs it tonight.” 1900 words in French.

I didn’t struggle a lot and replied, ”I am not confident in this, but if you allow me, I want to give it a try.”

”Original sent to you and wait for your work” You see? That’s why my contact is so cool.

I promised him that I would return to him at 21:30 (French time) so he could correct it and deliver it to the client.

So I opened it, crap, it’s legal document… ”Ordonnance de non-lieu”? I am sure that it is not what you learn from the regular French course.

It’s better stop here and ”To be continued”.

Review of my MSc in International Business in France (1)

I drafted it this morning like 11 am and couldn’t believe that I could not come back until now.

Taken away by a freelance job – legal translation task (French – Chinese) and it is PUTAIN difficult. I still cannot figure it out how they built up such weird expression but I will never understand. (About this, I will talk later about learning language in relation to culture and identity construction.)

Back to the topic, this academic year (September 2016 – now) have been a big time for me. I am lucky enough to enrich my vision to a much more profound world and experience a different life. Yet, for now, I should first conclude with something I want to say so much but I reserved it for this moment for this blog:


Many follow-up to do for this course:

1. Organize my notes (for the first time of my life and for putting it here)

2. Find a minimum 4-month internship (PM me if you have an ”exclusive” offer haha)

3. Thesis about International Business (Progress 0.01%)

4. Pay my school fee (Alright, I hoped Marine Le Pen would have been elected yesterday so Euro would drop vastly and I could have paid the school fee at a lower price with my currency, but thanks Macron my plan does not work. Now I have to hope that he will be smart enough to lower the Euro for more business.)



Before 30 – from a whim to something

”I need to change,”

”I want people to come to me and invite me to their big plans instead of I knocking on their doors to offer help for their big plans. Plus, no more waiting for their ‘considerations’,”

”I hate being judged and excluded by some stupid reasons. I wanna break walls between humans and destroy the snobbish exclusiveness.”

That’s how I concluded from my gloominess and anger in past two weeks.

My hatred to the system and exclusiveness in the society wouldn’t burst out hadn’t I seen ever close to life-like experience of Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg in the Social Network. 

No alcohol, no pots, I just consciously fire up the wordpress (that have been opened for years without any entries) as if knowing what to do with it.

I wanna destroy the system of exclusiveness and wall of this world, well, including my biggest foe – Nationality, starting off with my blog:

My visions:

  1. No sales of knowledge / education is no longer a capital investment
  2. The big firms and governments can really kiss on my ass.
  3. People like me like liking my blog.

But first off, I should organize and bring what I have learnt from this Master of Commerce to this blog, nicely illustrated and as nicely explained as I could. The Master costs me and my family … like 15 000 euros and I am going to put it here as if I don’t care.

Nevertheless, it takes some time to organize, so let me just start with talking out languages and studies of studying itself.

I should not tell anyone about my plan as it leaks the energy to go on, not to mention wrapping it up. However,  if I don’t, I am not handling it under stress.

Plus, I want everyone know that I am consciously endeavouring to realize my vision so when I slow down, someone kicks my ass.