Before 30 – from a whim to something

”I need to change,”

”I want people to come to me and invite me to their big plans instead of I knocking on their doors to offer help for their big plans. Plus, no more waiting for their ‘considerations’,”

”I hate being judged and excluded by some stupid reasons. I wanna break walls between humans and destroy the snobbish exclusiveness.”

That’s how I concluded from my gloominess and anger in past two weeks.

My hatred to the system and exclusiveness in the society wouldn’t burst out hadn’t I seen ever close to life-like experience of Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg in the Social Network. 

No alcohol, no pots, I just consciously fire up the wordpress (that have been opened for years without any entries) as if knowing what to do with it.

I wanna destroy the system of exclusiveness and wall of this world, well, including my biggest foe – Nationality, starting off with my blog:

My visions:

  1. No sales of knowledge / education is no longer a capital investment
  2. The big firms and governments can really kiss on my ass.
  3. People like me like liking my blog.

But first off, I should organize and bring what I have learnt from this Master of Commerce to this blog, nicely illustrated and as nicely explained as I could. The Master costs me and my family … like 15 000 euros and I am going to put it here as if I don’t care.

Nevertheless, it takes some time to organize, so let me just start with talking out languages and studies of studying itself.

I should not tell anyone about my plan as it leaks the energy to go on, not to mention wrapping it up. However,  if I don’t, I am not handling it under stress.

Plus, I want everyone know that I am consciously endeavouring to realize my vision so when I slow down, someone kicks my ass.



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