Review of my MSc in International Business in France (1)

I drafted it this morning like 11 am and couldn’t believe that I could not come back until now.

Taken away by a freelance job – legal translation task (French – Chinese) and it is PUTAIN difficult. I still cannot figure it out how they built up such weird expression but I will never understand. (About this, I will talk later about learning language in relation to culture and identity construction.)

Back to the topic, this academic year (September 2016 – now) have been a big time for me. I am lucky enough to enrich my vision to a much more profound world and experience a different life. Yet, for now, I should first conclude with something I want to say so much but I reserved it for this moment for this blog:


Many follow-up to do for this course:

1. Organize my notes (for the first time of my life and for putting it here)

2. Find a minimum 4-month internship (PM me if you have an ”exclusive” offer haha)

3. Thesis about International Business (Progress 0.01%)

4. Pay my school fee (Alright, I hoped Marine Le Pen would have been elected yesterday so Euro would drop vastly and I could have paid the school fee at a lower price with my currency, but thanks Macron my plan does not work. Now I have to hope that he will be smart enough to lower the Euro for more business.)




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