First time French-Chinese Legal Translation (1)

I should have said something about the set up for this blog and my motivation.

Yet, as a job cut in a day before, and it’s a brand new genre for me, I want to say something about it for a lil’ distraction.

I am splitting this experience into 2 – 3 parts, and I have never told a story that long.

“Ça me casse les couilles!” (Pain in my ass, which is not correct, because couilles doesn’t mean ass but somethingSSS lower than it) It is much nicer a title than what I have put, and it is what I have been yelling during the translation.

To begin with, my french translation experience = 0, of course it really is ”cassé les couilles”.

My contact (who gave me this job, even though it’s him who pays me) didn’t explain me anything except ”Do you have time to work on a French to Chinese Translation, 1900 words? The clients needs it tonight.” 1900 words in French.

I didn’t struggle a lot and replied, ”I am not confident in this, but if you allow me, I want to give it a try.”

”Original sent to you and wait for your work” You see? That’s why my contact is so cool.

I promised him that I would return to him at 21:30 (French time) so he could correct it and deliver it to the client.

So I opened it, crap, it’s legal document… ”Ordonnance de non-lieu”? I am sure that it is not what you learn from the regular French course.

It’s better stop here and ”To be continued”.


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