First time French-Chinese Legal Translation (2)


For those who visit here the first time, you can refer to my previous post.

I am green here, so the layout and system may be a bit suck, but I will spend one of every 4 weeks to make it as pro as Apple website and as entertaining as possible.

Let’s get back to the French translation:

Other than French readers, do you know what “Ordonnance de non-lieu” means?

I started. As usual, like how I worked on English-Chinese, I scanned once, and I could make sense to 50% of it at my level (I got DELF B2, equivalent to Baccaleuréat) and the paragraphs were cramped into horseshit.

As usual, I processed it on Google Translation before I made sense of the output and as usual, it sucks.

I set Google Chrome with tabs of dictionary / translation tools. Unfortunately, there were not as many options for French-Chinese Dictionary as English-Chinese. It might be necessary to translate from French-English to English-Chinese.

The job started at 15:30 and I shifted my attention from translation to job-hunting for 1 hr between 18:00 and 19:00 (not to mention cooking + meal for 45 mins) . I thought that it might help to organize my thought a lil bit and come back for a more efficient translation. No, it’s not.

Even with translation kit it did not help better. After it has been turned into Chinese, the 50% remained mystery. I regretted taking this job and giving myself a bit diversion from this task.

The story is basically about someone accusing the defendant twice at different points of time of committing fraud to the French government. The complaint was duplicated while the earlier case remains open. So…. may be you start to make sense what ”Ordonnancne de non-lieu” means…. ?

The scam / fraud story was just fine. The most ”cassé-les-couilles” was the legal procedure that confused me.

At 20:00, I started to panic. Why?  Let’s wrap it up in First time French-Chinese Legal Translation (3).


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