First time French-Chinese Legal Translation (3)

For first visitors who accidentally WADE into this blog, no panic, please be patient to read

First time French-Chinese Legal Translation (1)

First time French-Chinese Legal Translation (2)

Why did I panic?

Simple, I promised my contact to return a piece of French-Chinese translation at 21:30 and at the moment I started to panic it was 20:00.

I know that Google Translate won’t bring me close to prêt-à-lire translation, but under the legal context, Com’on, I thought this machine could do at least 40% of my job for French – Chinese translation, even though it surprised me not.

70% of the text to be dealt with vs 1 hour and a half the time bomb tickled.

I surrendered and confessed to my contact that I could not make it. Luckily, he is a cool guy and he knew that I am new to this (I wanna say I was, but I am still new to this). If he didn’t bother to push me or yell at me for anything.

Okay, back to translation, there were many aspects that this text tickled me a lot, and I will drop some Chinese expressions for example:

  1. French is too different from English:
    • Ordonnance de non-lieu (Literally: Order / Prescription of non-place)= Revocation Order or abrogation of judgement something like that (撤銷令)
    • des chefs de  = principally related to / about
    • ordonnance de soit-communiqué (order of be talking) = something like summon notice / letter (傳召書) [make little sense]
  2.  Several French expressions to talk about one or similar shit, but not using compound of lexis:
    • Prosecutor = procureur (if I have never learnt any French, I thought it had been procurer or buyer or something) / ministère public (com’on, public minister? Seriously?)  / parquet (=public prosecutor’s department, sweet Jesus!)
  3.  Limited Aid for French-Chinese LEGAL Translation
    • I admit, it was my problem. I only got one night and did not have enough time to dig out better French-Chinese Dictionary.

I have a lot to grunge like why French using many lexis to say one thing and describe one thing with many different lexis and blah blah blah. But the listed 3 problems had already tripped me for more than 3 hours.

Anyway, the client needed it by 3 am French time and I can merely send it to my contact at 2 something de la mañana. He was so nice to tell me to get some rest after I was not even so sure about what I had sent to him.

I couldn’t sleep after this job as I was traumatized by the bigger area that I have to explore for my French. It was one hell of the blow to me and I wonder how much more time I need for mastering this language. That’s how I started writing this blog.

P.S. to fix the problem of cultural gap between mine and French culture, I started reciting French poems, like Jean de la Fontaine’s La fortune et le jeune enfant and Alfred de musset’s La tristesse. Well, I should hold a session to explain why reciting poem sounds important to me.

I should take a week’s break from now on to learn some html or css stuff. I feel like this week would be good for learning new stuff.

After that, this site should go public on facebook.


Summary of French-Chinese Legal Translation:

Ordannance de non-lieu > Revocation Order

Des chefs de >Mainly about

Ordonnance de soit-communiqué > Summon Letter

Parquet / Procureur / Ministère Public > All about Prosecutor


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