Shame on me.

I said I would take a week off for learning html.

It turns out that the internship searching has outbeaten me and I learnt no single trick for optimize my blog.

My daily routine is rushing to throw all darts to find out the one that sticks, and suffering from ”no news is bad news”.

Worst of all, I left my blog unattended for two-week time. What a sin, shame on me.

Translation, looking for internship, preparing for interview,

waiting for good news, rest in unrest, grudging….

I did not even talk to anyone for almost whole two weeks.

What’s haunting me is that as a guy who always plans,

I can’t help imagining the life I will have once upon I am offered a certain internship while I was trying to sleep. Yes, Insomnia attacks.

Like I will have a wonderful life with the new team at work, hangout with my friends, find my love and start my own project.

It’s too good too smooth to be true, and I want it happen.

But the more I assume, the least it will come true hmmmmm….. assumption is the mother of failure, where did I hear of it?

And then the next day I check email……. no news, no phone call,


I have never thought that void and expectation can be so heavy and tiring.

Maybe I should expect less for finding an internship in France and start to face reality (work in my home country, but having overseas experience for piling up my edge is what I come for….)

One month left for France internship hunting… I don’t think it is a good idea to force myself to stay longer.

Maybe I should start to manage my life first, so no matter what, this blog won’t be abandoned for more than one week.





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